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Tag: Brain

Foods that Fight Dementia

Our diets affect our brain health, especially as we age. People who eat healthy foods have less damage to their brains? small blood vessels and

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Alzheimer?s Myths

Alzheimer’s is one of the most feared brain diseases. It robs people of their memory and has no cure, but few of us know the

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Sleep Can Make You Smarter

Here’s something so simple that you can do it while you sleep: it?s forming long-term memory. In a recently published study, researchers were able to

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Brain Food!

The food you eat may have a lot to do with keeping your brain healthy as you age. Studies show that people in their late

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Never Grow Old!

Although?our?overall?lifespan?may?have?expanded, that does not mean that the?amount of time?spent?being?healthy enough to?enjoy it has increased.? Much of the decline of our quality of life is not?because

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Brain Drains

As we grow older we must be concerned not only about physical fitness but mental??fitness as well.??Keeping the brain active can help slow or even

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Expanding the Shrinking Brain

What?s the best way to keep your brain healthy? ????????????????? Eating veggies? ????????????????? Working out at the gym? ????????????????? Playing chess? Most of us would

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