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Tag: biology

Chocolate is Good for You!

Scientists have found even more evidence that consuming chocolate?can be?good for your health.? Studies have previously shown that chocolate protects against high blood pressure and

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Never Grow Old!

Although?our?overall?lifespan?may?have?expanded, that does not mean that the?amount of time?spent?being?healthy enough to?enjoy it has increased.? Much of the decline of our quality of life is not?because

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Your Fat can kill You

There are? two kinds of fat that affect you middle regions?? subcutaneous fat you can see and pinch, and visceral fat surrounding the abdominal organs

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Cholesterol Myths

Here are some common myths associated with cholesterol. Cholesterol is inherently bad.? Actually, you couldn’t survive without cholesterol. Cholesterol is produced by the liver to

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The Aging Brain

Until recently, it was believed that as we age we lose vast numbers of brain cells which contribute to such problems as dementia and memory

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Controlling Cholesterol

As we age our cholesterol levels tend to increase but there are ways you can control the cholesterol that your body manufactures. You can reduce

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