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Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

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The holidays are a good time for all when the family gets together. When this happens we might notice things in senior family members that we hadn?t been aware of during their last visit. Forgetfulness may not be any warning of cognitive impairment but there are some symptoms that the observant family member should look for when dealing with their older family members.

The ?senior moments? that many people of all ages experience are not to be thought of as alarming. Forgetting the date or where you left the car keys happens to seniors more frequently but it may not be indicative of an underlying problem. Someone not finding their wallet or keys because they have been placed in the refrigerator or some other inappropriate place should raise red flags though.

There are other signs of possible Alzheimer?s disease that we can look out for when visiting our older family members. Problems with language and substituting inappropriate words when speaking can be a warning sign. Dressing inappropriately for an occasion could be an indicator of a problem as well.

If you notice these symptoms you should reach out to Specialty Care Services for an evaluation. Our visiting nurses can fully assess your loved one?s situation for signs of any existing or impending issues. This can help your doctor in diagnosing whether or not there is a cognitive impairment problem.

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