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Sweets for Old Persons

Most adults over 70 years develop an excessive yearning for sweets. However, this is not really a nutritional diet for elder men and women. The fact is that as people get older, taste buds become fewer or less sensitive. Research says that younger people have a minimum of 10,000 buds. Senior citizens lose two out of three. With fewer sensory receptors in the tongue, there is no doubt that the elderly person’s sense of taste weakens. Likewise, the sense of smell decreases

too which helps contribute to one’s ability to taste.

A number of therapies and prescription medicines also impact taste. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases can modify both senses. Actually, they reduced capability to recognize fragrances and tastes is now a part of certain diagnostic techniques. Clinical tests demonstrate that older people lose sensitivity to saline and sour tastes earlier. And the ability to distinguish sweet is retained the longest.

Individuals can attest to the fact that older persons like sugary food like candies, cakes and ice cream. It is true that sweet is the food sensation the people relish throughout their lives and they will always be the foods that will be enjoyed longest. So, you can just add some sugar to the meal and your grandparents will be tempted to eat something that maybe seemed to be not so delicious. A little syrup or honey on an elderly person’s meal might help them eat a bit more. If a sandwich fails to entice them, add a sweetening agent to make it more appetizing. You can also put sugar in soups, vegetables and meat dishes.

Incidentally, older adults need a lot of juices and usually will like carrot juice because of its sugar content. It has a lot of beta-carotene content that is stored in the skin. Nonetheless, be careful because sugar should also be avoided by people with diabetic symptoms. There is also celery juice which is delicious but has excessive sodium. Juices can also be made from cucumber, Romaine lettuce, bean sprouts and beets. Fresh fruit is better than fruit juices again because of the natural sugars and fibers which are badly needed by the human body. Fresh fruit juices would be the best alternative because these do not have any artificial flavors and colorings and chemicals.

A Home Nursing Caregiver from Specialty Care Services is a trained nutritionist for monitoring and developing healthy eating habits and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients and families.

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