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Survey Shows a Majority of Women Worry about Caregiving

Forbes Magazine has published an article that looks at a recent Washington Post survey covering a variety of issues.? One issue in particular, caregiving, seems to be on a lot of women?s minds.? Almost two thirds of those surveyed feared that chronic disease would strike family members.? Nearly half of respondents were worried about having to care for aging family members, according to the article.

People who are thrust into the caregiving role may have to cut hours or even quit their jobs. This will not only affect current income but it can also reduce benefits from Social Security and other pension plans. The article also mentions the mood on Capitol Hill which may see some federal program budget cutbacks for items like meals on wheels and other non-medical benefits offered to seniors.

The role of the caregiver is becoming more important each day as America ages. The resources for help seem to be shrinking with the continued call by politicians for tax relief. This doesn?t bode well for the person who sees themselves as the person most likely to be depended upon.

Hiring a home health aide can be an affordable way to relieve some of the stress and time constraints on these caregivers. It?s much easier to achieve the proper balance between offering care and keeping up with other duties when you can rely on a professional senior care service provider for help.

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