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Supplements and Exercise found to Decrease Risk of Falling

After analyzing findings of more than 50 previous studies, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force has concluded that vitamin D and regular exercise can help to minimize chances of falling in seniors.

Based on the wealth of information reviewed, experts were able to determine that participating in regular exercise helped reduce the risk of falls by an average of thirteen percent.? The numbers represented reflected strength training, movements designed to improve balance and exercises for flexibility.

What may be even more impressive than the improvements from exercise are the potential benefits of simple supplementation with vitamin D.? Researchers found that people over the age of sixty five could reduce their risk of falls by as much as seventeen percent by taking a Vitamin D supplement.

Falls can lead to strains, sprains, fractures and possibly even premature death in the elderly, so any precautionary measure that can reduce the chances of falls could be very beneficial.? Many of the injuries sustained during falls could also require painful and expensive bouts of rehabilitation in order to heal properly.

Consult your health care provider for advice on reducing the risk of falls through changes in diet, supplementation or exercise.? Your health care provider may also be able to make other valuable suggestions for interventions that could help to reduce your risk of a fall that could result in a serious injury.

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