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Super Foods for Super Health Part 2

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In part one of this list we talked about three very powerful and very beneficial ?super foods? that are awesome additions to the diet of anyone who wants to start living, looking and feeling better.??Incorporating healthier foods into your diet gives you the opportunity to manage your weight, ward off disease and may even allow you?to?enjoy your time at home with regular visits from a health aide rather than being on constant supervision at a nursing home.

Blueberries happen to be another of my personal favorite foods that just so happen to be out of this world in terms of health benefits.? You can sprinkle them on your morning cereal, mix in a handful with your plain yogurt (and double up your super foods), eat them by themselves, in fruit salad or mix them in with just about any desert.? This little wonder fruit is incredibly versatile, loaded with anti-oxidants, high in Vitamin C and potassium and blueberries are anti-inflammatory.

Quinoa is a whole grain that is loaded with protein, low in fat and high in fiber.? The protein will help to build and maintain lean muscle, while the fiber can help to keep your cholesterol and blood sugar in check.? Foods that are high in fiber also help to keep you feeling fuller longer after you?ve eaten which just might let you get through your day without chowing down on some less than nutritious in between meal snacks.

How about a super food for the sweet tooth?? Dark chocolate not only has a lot less sugar and a lot less fat than it?s lighter cousins, it?s got plenty of anti-oxidants and can even help improve cardio vascular health and lower blood pressure.? Not to mention that a chocolate bar is probably the ultimate cheat food fantasy of any dieter ? with dark chocolate you can feel like your cheating, but actually be getting some very solid health benefits in addition to satisfying a carnal craving.

Prior to making any dramatic changes to your diet or lifestyle, it’s important that you?get clearance?from your doctor and home health aide to ensure a smooth and healthy transition and to avoid the possibility of injury or illness.

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