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Suggested Activities for Seniors with Dementia

leisure time activities for seniors

Alzheimer?s disease is the most common form of dementia. It weakens an old person?s memory, judgment and actions. Research says the disease accounts for 50% to 80% of cases for cognitive as well as cerebral deterioration. Loss of memory may not be so serious during initial stages but the disease aggravates over time. Sooner or later, it can completely impede the capability of a person to communicate with others.

Old people with this disease need to indulge in helpful activities. These can be in the form of hobbies that they can get pleasure from. Such activities can help in awakening memories, promoting self-expression, encouraging emotional relationships, reducing nervousness and bad temper, and making older people busier. It is important to take part in different activities. These can create benefits for a person with Alzheimer?s. However, certain interests must be modified for the safety of a patient. Refrain from overpowering activities that will only lead to frustration.

What are some leisure undertakings for old men and women? These are some activities?that are more effective during certain times?in the day:

  • Engaging in crafts and arts like knitting or painting with simple tools and designs
  • Learning how to sing and play musical instruments
  • Putting in order household fixtures especially if the person is inclined to perform organizational work
  • Performing menial tasks inside the house such as sweeping, wiping counter tops, and folding towels or bed sheets can help an elderly person obtain a sense of achievement.
  • Gardening or looking after flowers
  • Reading the papers or books
  • Cooking and baking simple dishes
  • Solving crossword puzzles

You have to be aware?that the person?s?amount?of interest or?participation?may?deteriorate?as the Alzheimer?s?becomes more severe.It should be noted that loved ones should take a supportive and accommodating approach towards these. There will be times that your parents or grandparents will refuse to go along with an activity. You can proceed to another pursuit or allow your loved ones to?rest. Focus on the processes and not the results. Your folks should primarily enjoy these activities as these?will make them feel useful and appreciated.

A trained home care nurse?from Specialty Care Services?can help?older people afflicted by Dementia in undergoing such?beneficial?activities.

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