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Sufficient Sleep And Rest For Elderly

Senior citizens have to cope with numerous issues associated with age. One is the problem of getting adequate sleep. In fact, disruptions in your sleep commonly happen as you grow old. Frequent indications of sleeping problems include difficulty in dozing off or waking up at irregular hours in the morning. Other symptoms include waking up in the middle of the night several times. There are also sleeping patterns that change as you age.

What keeps old people wide awake most of the time? This can be a side effect of prescription medicines;

chronic ailments such as arthritis; consumption of alcoholic beverages; lack of exercise; drinking too much coffee; neurological problems; and, depression. Some medical practitioners maintain that genetic issues often generate sleeping difficulties. One hypothesis is that elderly folks produce and discharge less of the hormone melatonin that normally helps individuals rest.

Old people also have insomnia concerns. These are frequently related to physical health or psychological problems. The bad news is that failure to get sufficient sleep can affect the health and cognitive functions of most people who are 60 years and above. While it is true that mature persons need less sleep compared to youngsters, they still need the right amount of rest. If you start experiencing this condition, seek treatment for possible medical conditions right away. These disorders need to be resolved immediately to prevent more serious concerns in the future. Moreover, there is the so-called advanced sleep stage syndrome that normally affects seniors.

Before bedtime, take a quick and warm shower, read a good book or listen to relaxing music. These are activities that can ease your mind and help induce sleep. Change your present lifestyle. Avoid drinking too much coffee and large meals or snacks before going to bed. Eat earlier in the evening but not before your bedtime.

It is important to develop a healthy sleeping schedule to condition your body. Forego afternoon siestas and substitute this with a more productive pursuit. Do not simply accept tiredness and failure to get plenty of rest as part of becoming old. If all these remedies are not successful, consult your family doctor for a better option or professional treatment.

A home nursing professional from Specialty Care Services, providers of expert home health care services in Washington DC and the surrounding areas, can monitor and regulate sleep and nap schedules to ensure you get the maximum rest and exercise you need.


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