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Study Suggests a Connection between Sleep and Obesity

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A new study conducted by researchers at Columbia University has revealed a possible connection with insufficient sleep and issues with weight.? According to information gathered in the study people who ?get too little rest not ?only eat more than those that are well rested but they tend to choose less healthy foods as well.

Participants were observed on two separate six day periods.? The first observation period consisted of a full nine hours , the second only allowed for four hours of rest per day.? Over the course of the first four days of each six day period all participants followed the same diet, when the fifth day came participants were free to make their own food choices.

During the period of reduced sleep male participants consumed more than 250 additional calories on average and ?female participants ?consumed more than 325 additional calories.? The female participants also tended to choose foods that were higher in saturated fat during the observation period when rest was limited.? Based on their findings, researchers concluded that prolonged periods of insufficient sleep could be a contributing factor to obesity and obesity related health conditions.

Getting the proper amount of rest ?is critical for maintaining good health.? Lack of sleep can result in a diminished performance, mood problems and is associated with a number of health risks.? If you have issues sleeping schedule an appointment with your health care provider to discuss the details of your situation.? Your health care provider may be able to make some simple lifestyle changes that could improve sleep quality and reduce your risk for serious health conditions.

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