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Life After a Stroke

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A stroke can come on suddenly to anyone at almost any time. Its effects can be very debilitating and each person suffering from a stroke can have varying problems after the event. Strokes are caused by one of two things – a clot or restriction of blood flow to an area of the brain or a broken blood vessel that leads to a bleed.

The area of the brain affected by the stroke is what causes the symptoms. Damage to the left hemisphere may cause a problem for the patient with speaking afterwards and others can become aphasic and need to learn to speak again. Comprehending the spoken word can also become a problem. Some sufferers may also experience partial paralysis following a stroke.

There are many ways a stroke patient can be helped by a home health aide. The aide can offer some companionship during the day and help the stroke sufferer with activities of daily living and range of motion exercises.

Due to the suddenness of this affliction the patient?s spouse may be called upon to be home for a time to aid in their recovery. This burden can be relieved by professionals that can visit when the patient is back in the home. Stroke patients can need a lot of help and support and this is where the help of a home health aide or visiting nurse can be extremely beneficial.

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