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Stroke Patients See Improvements from Home Based Rehabilitation

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A recent, extensive study performed on stroke patient rehabilitation shows that patients can yield results that are just as impressive with home based therapy as they could with rehab in a clinic.? The results also show that it is possible to achieve very positive results with the appropriate rehab even if the regimen isn?t started immediately following the incidence of stroke.

Researchers from Duke University analyzed the data of more than 400 patients who had limited ability to walk following a stroke.? Nearly half of the patients followed reported having the ability to travel greater distances on foot and at faster speeds a year after suffering a stroke whether they had home based or clinical rehab.

Another interesting finding from this study is that the timing of the rehab sessions isn?t quite as critical as health care providers had previously thought.? Researchers found that patients who started rehabilitation sessions at up to six months after suffering a stroke saw the same improvements as those who started rehab just eight weeks after.

This study offers good news for patients who don?t have the money to afford what can be exceedingly expensive rehabilitation sessions that use state of the art equipment.? With close adherence to a health care provider designed exercise program stroke patients can achieve the same benefits that they would get in an expensive facility from the comfort of their own home.

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