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Strength Training for Seniors

Does strength training benefit older people?

Studies say strengthening workouts are effective and safe even for older people even if some of them are not in perfect health. The truth is those with heart disorders or arthritis can benefit a lot from exercise programs including weightlifting several times a week. Strength training complemented by aerobic exercises on a regular basis can affect a person’s mental and emotional well-being.

What are the Upsides?

The main benefit of this physical activity is that it can help alleviate ailments like arthritis, back aches, depression, diabetes, obesity, and bone brittleness or osteoporosis. Research disclosed that strength training can reduce pain by roughly 40 percent, enhance muscle potency and physical performance, improve clinical symptoms of arthritis, and lessen many disabilities. Moreover, effective strength training can mitigate the pain of osteoarthritis more than prescribed medicines. Exercise makes your bones harder and stronger.

It can also restore balance and reduce the risk of falling. Seniors are prone to imbalance that often causes falls and fractured bones. These fractures can produce significant disabilities and even grave complications. Strengthening exercises should be done correctly to increase flexibility as well. It is also important to maintain proper weight. In other words, weight management is critical because people who have extra muscle mass experience higher metabolism. Muscle burns more calories. On the contrary, stored fats use minimal energy. Studies show that strength training can increase your metabolic rates by 15 percent. This is very helpful for weight reduction and overall health.

Statistics also reveal that over 14 million Americans suffer from type II diabetes. This is a large increase of 300 percent during the last four decades. The bad news is that these figures continue to increase. What can strength training do about this? In one university study, four months of strength training resulted in remarkable improvements in glucose regulation which cannot be achieved through medications. Additionally, the study volunteers were stronger, gained muscle, lost body fat, had less depression, and felt much more self-confident. Strength training also helps in recovering from depression. When elderly individuals take part in strength training programs, self-esteem improves with a convincing effect on overall quality of life. Exercise will also help you sleep better too!
A Trained Home Nurse and Caretaker from Specialty Care Services will certainly be of great help for seniors in their strength training activities. We can assist in developing a training program for you.

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