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Steer Clear of Diet Fads

There is absolutely no shortage of advertisements on television or in magazines claiming fantastic results for weight and body fat loss, without having to change your current diet or put in any work at the gym.? Though most of these advertisements seem geared toward young adults, it is certainly possible for a senior who is self conscious or concerned about their weight to fall prey to these clever advertising gimmicks.? Obesity is a huge concern among all age groups in this country, but unfortunately for most, the answer to the problem of obesity rarely comes through supplementation alone, regardless of what the advertisement says.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important to help ward off a number of serious diseases, but overweight individuals need a complete lifestyle change in order to lose weight safely.? Attempting to transform your body with pills, potions or starvation diets could open the door for even more potential problems in the future and in many cases the weight that is lost as a result in the participation of an unhealthy, fad diet returns once the individual resumes normal eating habits.

You should consult your physician, home health care provider and maybe even a dietician prior to making any changes in your diet to be sure that the plan that you are considering is safe for you.? If you want to optimize the results of your weight loss and be able to see and feel results in as little time as possible, consult your doctor and home health aide for ideas about increasing your daily activity levels ? the most effective and safest way to lose excess weight is through a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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