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Stay Healthier by Preventing Infection

A recent study conducted over three states and published in the Journal of American Medicine has revealed that there was at least one lapse in proper infection prevention procedure in 46 of 68 ambulatory surgical centers.?? Common practices that put patients at risk where not properly disinfecting multi use equipment, re-using materials on multiple patients that were only designed for single use and not properly washing hands between administering treatments.? Among the facilities studied were dentists, gynecologists, podiatrists and plastic surgeons ? places where spreading infections are highly possible and where the prevention of spreading infection should be a top priority.

Anytime there are multiple patients receiving care in a revolving door type of facility that isn?t fully or properly staffed, there is a huge risk of spreading infection.? Seemingly simple mistakes can result in spreading an infection or illness to a number of patients in a single day.? The risk of spreading infection can also go up in a facility that houses a number of sick people, like a rehabilitation center or a nursing home ? improperly controlled infections or lapses in hygiene in one of these facilities can result in illness or infection spreading like wildfire.

Private treatments in the home, with highly trained and trusted home care nurses can minimize the risk of infection, especially when there are injections administered or wound care treatments are administered.? Having a qualified and licensed home nurse who is only focusing on your elderly loved one and brings only brand new, sterile equipment can help to ease the worry about the potential for infection, which can be of critical importance depending on the current level of health of your loved one.

Knowing that the environment and the equipment are clean and having a one on one connection with your own nurse can go a long way to easing the worry of the spread of infection ? proper procedures followed by a trained and trusted nurse can help to keep your elderly loved ones happy and healthy for as long as possible.

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