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Specific Types of Exercise and Reduction in Medications May Help Prevent Falls

Falls present a serious health risk for senior citizens.? Depending upon the individual scenario a fall could result in anything from minor, superficial injuries to factures that require could months of rehab or possibly even death.? This is precisely why panel members from the American and British Geriatrics Societies set out to develop an updated set of guidelines for fall prevention among seniors.

According to the updated guidelines, many seniors could reduce their risk of falls by having a health care provider review their current medications and make any necessary adjustments.? Some antidepressants and prescription sleep aids can increase the risk of falls.?? If there is a possibility of eliminating these medications altogether or reducing the dosage, the risk of falling can be reduced.

A thorough examination and restructuring of the living environment?could be essential for fall prevention as well.? A clear walking path free of loose rugs, phone cords, electrical cords and other hazards is essential to minimizing a senior?s risk of falling.

Exercises that improve balance and gait can also go a long way toward reducing the risk of falls.? Research suggests that participation in Tai Chi or physical therapy can strengthen muscles and provide the balance necessary to help either avoid or prevent falls from occurring.? Your health care provider will likely be able to make suggestions for the safest and most effective course of physical activity for you to prevent falls.


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