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Smoking Can Damage More Than Your Lungs and Heart

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There have been many warnings about the dangers of smoking and the lives of many Americans have been improved by saying no to cigarettes and other tobacco products. This particular bad habit can be very hard on your lungs and your coronary arteries. The damage to your blood vessels does not stay limited to those that feed your heart muscle, however. Smoking affects all blood vessels, even those that are in your brain.

Last year a study by Kaiser Permanente that reviewed electronic records of 21,000 men and women was released. Researchers found that smokers of two packs a day have a 172% chance of developing vascular dementia. This dementia is caused by clogging of the capillaries and arteries that help keep the brain functioning.

Senior Americans who have always smoked would be best encouraged to give up the habit as soon as possible. Quitting smoking is undoubtedly challenging, especially for someone who has been smoking for an extended period of time though. This is an area that requires the help of the senior?s entire family, doctor, and the home health aide that is assisting you with this person?s care.

The damage to their blood vessels can be reversed and this makes it a great preventative measure for future brain related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer?s disease.? A primary care physician and senior care provider can highlight the most effective means for smoking cessation and help you to help your loved one give up this dangerous habit.

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