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Small Amounts of Exercise can have Big Benefits

Many seniors are leery about asking their doctors or senior care providers about beginning an exercise program because they feel as though it will be a monumental undertaking. A new study performed by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health shows that even a small amount of regular exercise can have a positive effect on heart health though.

The researchers evaluated the information of well over three thousand studies on exercise and heart disease in order to determine how the amount of activity affected heart risk. Based on their findings the researchers were able to conclude that even a modest investment of two and a half hours of exercise per week could reduce the risk of heart disease by nearly 15%. Research showed that a greater investment of time in physical activity yielded even greater benefits but 15% is a substantial improvement for such a small investment of time.

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the US so any method of minimizing the risk could be of great benefit to health care providers. The results of this study show that even those who are incapable of investing a substantial portion of their schedule to physical activity can still work to reduce their risk of heart disease. Those that have physical limitations, mobility issues or who just don?t have the time to invest 5-10 hours per week in the gym can still reduce their heart risk and improve health through exercise.

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