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Sleep Can Make You Smarter

Here’s something so simple that you can do it while you sleep: it?s forming long-term memory.

In a recently published study, researchers were able to induce sleep to a special breed of fruit flies on demand. Following a period of training, fruit flies?underwent 4 hours of induced sleep. Results showed that the fruit flies?formed long-term memories of the training given to them before their 4 hours of sleep. Flies that received the same?training but did not sleep, did not form long-term memories of the training.

If you’re wondering how relevant this experiment is to?human behavior, many studies?show that sleep improves human memory and performance as well.

Proper sleep is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle; Students who study for a test and then get a good night?s sleep tend to retain the data and perform better than those who pull?”all-nighters?.? In fact, not getting enough?sleep?can also affect your health. A 2010 study found that chronic insomnia may lead to a loss of brain volume. Researchers found insomniacs had a smaller volume of gray matter in their?brains.? It was also discovered that the more chronic the??insomnia, the greater the loss of brain volume.?Studies?shown that poor sleeping patterns are also?linked to brain plaques found in people with Alzheimer’s.

But remember – while sleep may be beneficial, it’s only part of the answer. You can also work on improving your memory abilities by playing brain and memory enhancing games that can be found on the internet. A good night’s rest, and brain-stretching memory games will help keep you alert and ?in touch?!

A Specialty Care Services professional Home Nurse/Caregivers can plan daily exercises and activities as part of?a?treatment plan?to keep their patients physically healthy and mentally sharp.


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