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Simple Changes can Have a Big Impact

It?s no secret that consuming healthier foods and participating in regular exercise will reduce your risk of serious conditions like obesity, heart disease and diabetes, but for people who are rigidly set in their ways the thought of making a complete lifestyle change can be a bit daunting.? The good news is that you don?t necessarily have to dive headlong into the unfamiliar waters of a ?healthy lifestyle? all at once in order to see positive results.

If you?d normally take the car to drop off a letter at the mailbox or to pick up a quart of milk at the convenience store around the corner, opt for the fresh air approach and walk instead; rather than taking the escalator or elevator to go between floors at the mall, take the stairs and instead of having your newspaper delivered to your home, walk to the store or machine to get it instead.? Adding even small amounts of physical activity to your everyday routine can make a big difference in you looking and feeling better and you won?t feel completely overwhelmed because the initial changes made were small. ? and as soon as you start to realize how much better you are feeling from the increase in activity, the more likely you?ll be to want to add more.? When you?re ready to take the plunge into a regular exercise routine, consult your doctor and home health aid for ideas that suit your current fitness level.

In terms of diet, there are a number of simple changes that can be made that will yield positive results.? You can satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit instead of candy or cake, switch white breads and white flour pastas for whole grain varieties and switch from higher fat red meats to leaner sources of protein.? Making these small changes, which in all honesty you probably won?t even notice, will lead to plenty of positives in terms of your health.? You doctor and health aid should also be able to give you a few more tips and tricks on dieting and nutritional supplementation that will get you on your way to a healthier body and healthier heart.

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