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Silent Strokes May Affect Memory

The American Academy of Neurology released the results of a recent study that looked at the memory test performances of 658 people aged 65 and over. The subjects were given an MRI to measure the size of the hippocampus and to identify signs of a silent stroke.? Researchers concluded that those who had suffered a silent stroke had the most difficulty with the memory tests, scoring lower than even those with a smaller hippocampus.

A silent stroke doesn?t show any symptoms of a regular stroke or mini stroke. A mini stroke will show stroke like symptoms which usually dissipate within 24 hours – evidence of silent strokes are usually only found by an MRI.? This study indicates that memory loss not related to the size of the memory center could possibly be delayed with stroke prevention.

Many seniors are on medication for hypertension.? Proper management of this medication can be very important in reducing the chances of a stroke.? Cholesterol reducing medications such as Lipitor can also limit the chances of a blot clot forming in an artery of the brain and causing a stroke.

Medication management is a critical aspect of senior care.? A professional senior care provider can take over medication management to minimize the chances of dangerous drug interactions and ensure that necessary medications are taken at the appropriate times.? Having a trained professional assume this responsibility can reduce some of the stress associated with senior care.

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