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Signs of Male Depression

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Clinical depression can occur in different ways in different people. People who are depressed undergo physical and emotional changes.? These changes?include a slowing down of physical movements, speech and thought processes. These symptoms of depression can be seen in both genders, but some are more?specific to men.

Clinical psychologists say men are more likely than women to experience fatigue and other physical symptoms of depressions. Fatigue, insomnia and excessive sleeping patterns?are three of the main symptoms of male depression.

People who are depressed also feel bad physically. Other?conditions?like?constipation, ?diarrhea, headaches and back pain are common symptoms of?depression.? Chronic pain and digestive disorders often go hand in hand in?individuals suffering?from depression.

Men who are depressed often show signs of sadness, irritability and negative thoughts that slow the ability to process information, which affects concentration on tasks. Constant thinking about negative things makes focusing difficult. ?Some men exhibit depression by excessive hostility, anger, or aggressiveness; realizing subliminally something is wrong, and then compensating by demonstrating that he is still in control.? Depression often causes men to become withdrawn and hostile as a result of?feeling ?pressured? by friends or family

Men often attribute the symptoms of depression as merely?stress?it?does not have the ?social baggage? that depression has. Many feel that it?s?okay to be stressed, because?that just?means that?you?re?working hard.??Some people?feel that depression implies that the individual has?a mental disorder that is not manageable.

It?s a two-way street: stress can lead to mental changes, which can in turn lead to depression, and depression can cause physical changes that can make you physically?ill.

Specialty Care Services professional home care nursing professional?can provide assistance to patients that are coping with depression and finding it difficult to perform their normal daily?activities.



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