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Seniors: Prevent Illness with These Tips

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The cold and flu season is here, and unfortunately, seniors and caregivers engaged in-home care in Washington DC are two of the largest groups at risk to get ill. But not all is doom and gloom.

Here are ten tips to avoid cold and flu:

Get the Flu Vaccine – Getting a flu shot reduces the risk of contracting the flu, reduces the severity of the illness.

Wash or Sanitize Hands Often – Frequent hand washing with regular soap kills cold and flu germs.

Exercise Regularly – Moderate exercise boosts the immune system.

Avoid Touching the Eyes, Nose, and Mouth – This is a common way for germs to enter the body.

Clean the Environment to Eliminate Germs – Use disinfectants when cleaning home care environments, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

Sanitize Your Mobile Devices – Many people forget how dirty and germ-filled a mobile device is.

Stay Away From People Who Are Sick – It might sound obvious, but keep your distance from people who are sick.

Avoid Crowds and Unnecessary Travel – Try to avoid being in large groups of people, especially in poorly-ventilated spaces.

Drink Plenty of Liquids – Drinking plenty of liquids helps nasal passages stay moist and trap germs before spreading into the body.

Add More Vitamin C and Protein to Diets – Some studies have shown that extra Vitamin C can reduce the risk of getting sick.

These critical tactics can help both seniors and caregivers, providing home care services to stay healthy all flu season.

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