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Seniors May Need to Engage in Resistance Exercise More Often

Minimizing the loss of muscle is a big challenge facing those of advanced age. Muscle loss is something that occurs naturally with age and special exercise programs are often required to maintain muscle mass and strength to improve quality of life in senior citizens. Specially trained care providers often prescribe resistance exercise for muscle maintenance but a new study reveals that seniors may need to train more often to avoid losing muscle mass.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Alabama, analyzed the results of specific training cycles in seniors compared to those in the 20-35 age range. Through the course of the 48 week study researchers were able to determine that senior citizens who reduced their amount of resistance training were at a much greater risk of losing muscle mass.

While this study was relatively small it does provide doctors and senior care providers with some very valuable information. Seniors who are able to build and maintain muscle are more likely to enjoy a more active and mobile lifestyle. Maintaining adequate muscle and strength can also help senior citizens to avoid falls that could lead to broken bones or other serious injuries. When developing age appropriate exercise routines moving forward health care providers should work to ensure that the appropriate focus is placed upon resistance training in order to minimize muscle loss.

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