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Seniors Helping Seniors

There are a great number of baby boomers that are now volunteering to give help to the older population. Barbara Raynor, who leads the program Boomers Leading Change in Health in Denver, calls baby boomers our ?greatest resource? in helping older Americans function during their golden years.

The program trains members of the baby boomer generation in patient navigation and in community health services. The trainees then volunteer at a number of community organizations assigned to aid city residents. These educated volunteers can also help older residents understand health care issues and the health care system.

The trained volunteers can use their knowledge to help others and at the same time keep themselves involved in the community which could benefit to their own health as well. There have been many stories about how learning new things and socialization can decrease the chance of developing cognitive problems. Many physicians recommend increased social and physical activity for older Americans who want to stay sharp.

These volunteers may be able to help their new acquaintances arrange for home health aides to help with activities of daily living as well. Volunteers from programs like this are a great help to seniors but professional home health aides can provide additional services to keep senior Americans as healthy as possible.

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