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Seniors are Working Much Longer than Expected

A recent article in the New York Times had identified the largest growing segment of the work force ? senior citizens. While the recession has seen over 4.4 million Americans lose their jobs the over sixty-five age group has seen their participation in the work force jump by nearly 25%. This is due in part to medical advances which have kept people healthier longer and the greater availability of jobs that are less taxing physically.

People in the senior age group have also been hard hit in terms of retirement nest egg and home equity so many are doing this out of necessity but others report they are working to stay active. Staying active has been shown to have a positive effect on seniors and it can slow down the effects of cognitive problems such as Alzheimer?s.

Seniors who are facing the onset of cognitive issues or physical problems may need some help with the activities of daily living in order to maintain their independence.? Our well trained health aides are versed in all areas of senior care and can offer services to keep your senior loved one as active and healthy as possible in the comfort of their own home.

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