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Seniors and Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence in seniors can be a common occurrence. Since one of the factors contributing to incontinence is weakened muscles incontinence is a fact of life for many older people, but it does not have to be.? In many cases the symptoms of incontinence can be minimized by following the instructions of an experienced senior care provider.

There are different types of incontinence. The first type is caused by weakened muscles and may manifest itself by the senior having some leaking while laughing or lifting. Urge incontinence is found when the bladder muscles are too active and there is an urge to pass urine when it is not present. The third type, overflow incontinence, is usually due to an always full bladder possibly due to blockage by an enlarged prostate or some nerve damage or even diabetes. The last type, functional incontinence, is caused by arthritis and other ambulatory problems that prevent the senior from getting to the toilet in time.

If you provide in home assistance to seniors there are ways to fight incontinence. There are exercises that some seniors can perform to strengthen muscles used in urination. If you suffer from incontinence the first step in controlling the problem is to see the primary care physician. Once the root cause of the incontinence has been discovered a specialty care provider can institute the most appropriate form of treatment to manage the problem.

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