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Seniors and Falls

Seniors and Falls

As seniors age, they become more prone to falling. In fact, one-third of seniors fall each year. Some slip and fall, and others fall as a result of dizziness when standing. No matter how it happens, it?s important to understand why seniors fall and what can be done to help.

If you have a senior-aged loved one who is prone to falling or needs in-home care, reach out to Specialty Care Services. Our friendly, well-trained staff of nurses and attendants can offer the quality care that your loved one needs. See how we can help a senior in your life today.

Understanding falls and fractures

Senior falls often lead to fractures. Generally in the hip, pelvis, spine, ankle, or hand, these fractures can cause hospital visits, disability, and loss of mobility. While all of these fractures can be severe, the most serious is the hip fracture, which is the most likely to cause injury and end seniors? abilities to live on their own.

In the event of a fall, be sure to tell your physician. It may have been a sign of a serious problem that needs to be addressed, like diabetes, low blood pressure, changes in vision, or problems with a current prescription.

Preventing falls

Because falls are so serious in the senior community, many older adults are afraid of falling, even if they haven?t already. As such, they shy away from participating in physical and social events. However, it?s important to keep moving, since staying active by working on your balance and building muscle can help reduce the likelihood of a fall.

Also, remember to keep your home well lit and wear prescription glasses when you move around, especially on stairs. Being able to see clearly will help prevent falling.

And make your home safer by getting rid of loose rugs that could trip you up and by installing handrails in hallways and along staircases.

With these tips, you can help prevent senior falls. And for the best senior care in the District area, you can always rely on Specialty Care Services.


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