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Senior Care | Living Longer Meaningfully

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Tips for Old Folks

Who would not want to live longer? Old age should not prevent you from wishing to become happier and more productive. Here are some tips that can help those who are advanced in age to have a longer and wonderful existence.

Stay away from carcinogens. Stop smoking. Giving up smoking can mean an additional 10 years for you. Wear sun block since this is a good deterrent against ultra-violet rays that come from the sun. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to avoid the sun completely. The sun helps in absorbing Vitamin D

which is good for your health. So being outside is good. Just wear sunblock to reduce the intensity.

Walk a lot and as often as you can take it. Moderate physical exercises bolster your health and mood as well as keep you revitalized. Physical workouts also influence a person?s mood because it stimulates chemicals in your brain. Change your diet completely! Drink a lot of water. This is the most effective means of prevention against body pollutants. Moreover, dehydration can lead to muscle seizures, kidney failure and even death. You lose almost 10 cups of water daily as a result of breathing, perspiring, urine and bowel movement. Also avoid too many carbohydrates. These can cause insulin levels to increase. It is also associated with increased frequency of breast cancer among menopausal women.

Do not take non-prescription and prohibited drugs as well as alcohol or caffeine. These contain toxic chemicals that are unsuitable for good health. Try a diet that is lower in calories. Take anti-oxidants such as green tea. This type of tea has more health benefits which minimize the incidence of cancers and heart attack. Other advantages include enhanced energy, higher metabolic rates which are both ideal for weight loss. Green tea also has high antioxidant content that retards aging.

Consume at least a glass of red wine daily. Red wine has substances called polyphenols. These maintain the elasticity of artery walls and serve as antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also extremely beneficial for people of all ages. These should always comprise a big part of your diet.

A professional Home Care Nurse can implement a healthy diet and systematic exercise routine for their elder patients.


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