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Sedentary Lifestyle Leads to Health Risks

Leading a completely sedentary lifestyle can pave the way for a number of serious health problems that could ultimately require specialized care. Those who spend the vast majority of time sitting are at an increased danger of obesity, obesity related health issues like diabetes and heart disease. According to a recent study people who sit for extended periods of time may be at a higher risk for suffering a potentially deadly pulmonary embolism as well.

Researchers recently analyzed the data from the Nurse?s Health Study to determine the risk factorsassociated with a sedentary lifestyle. The study followed more than 70,000 women with an average age of 56 for a period of nearly two decades. After taking other risk ?into consideration researchers determined that those who sat the most were twice as likely to suffer a clot in the lungs as those who sat the least.

Though the increase in chances for a potentially deadly pulmonary embolism that appears to come with sitting is alarmingly high it is a ?danger that is preventable. Seniors who have difficulty getting around can begin adopting a more active lifestyle as prescribed by a doctor with the help of a trained senior care services provider. An experienced senior care provider can suggest exercises that will increase mobility and help seniors to safely and effective increase activity levels to improve health.

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