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Safety Tips for People with Dementia

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Staying safe while living with dementia can be a challenge. Loved ones have to navigate already-existing physical challenges while also avoiding all the dangers that can come with missing or muddled memories. Often, the best solution is to have someone on hand to help, but you may not be available at all times yourself. That?s where having some assistance with health care in Bethesda, MD, can make all the difference.

With a team of experts on your side, you can take advantage of important safety tips like:

Monitoring Activity — Always knowing where a client is and what they?re up to is an essential first step to keeping them out of harm?s way. Care professionals offer companionship and supervision wherever your loved one needs it.

Traveling Carefully — A major aspect of health care is making all those routine appointments with medical experts. Many companies offer travel companion services to make those trips a little safer and less bewildering for patients.

Knowing Your System — Whether it?s an alarm for the doors, in-home cameras, or alert devices that a client wears, having plans in place to handle the unexpected and communicating them clearly are crucial for long-term safety.


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