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Retrofitting Older Facilities can Make More Senior Housing Available

A number of developers across the country are looking at unused facilities such as former hotels as an excellent place to be upgraded into senior housing facilities. They are mostly thinking in terms of housing and not as a way to answer the growing need for assisted living facilities brought on by the ever growing older generation.

There have been many discussions in government circles about addressing the future needs of the aging population with more nursing homes and assisted living facilities. With the current economy playing havoc with the income of seniors that have already retired, availability of facilities may not be the only problem. Paying to be in one of these facilities is getting more difficult as well. That is why the continued need for help while living at home is another need that must be addressed.

Parents and family members that have suffered strokes and those who have complications from diseases such as diabetes and cancer have a need for care as well. The family member offering care can use the help of a home health aide in important areas such as meal preparation and medicine management. A trained professional from Specialty Care Services can offer advice on how best to manage the care of the patient who needs to stay at home.

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