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Retinopathy Can Indicate a Chance for Cognitive Decline in Seniors

Scientists from the University of California have looked at women 65 and older that have been diagnosed with retinopathy. Retinopathy is a caused by vascular problems in the retina usually brought on by diabetes and hypertension. The lead author of the study is quoted as saying patients with pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes usually develop retinopathy. She believes that early intervention may help reduce full onset of hypertension and diabetes in these patients.

Another possible complication of retinopathy is cognitive decline. Researchers performing this study reviewed the records of 511 women over a ten year period who took cognitive tests each year. The researchers found that those who developed retinopathy also did not fare as well on the cognitive tests as those without the disease.

Caring for those with hypertension and diabetes has long focused on using diet and exercise to limit the damage that can be caused by these conditions. Enlisting the help of a professional home health aide can help to ensure that the most appropriate plan of action is followed for patients suffering from hypertension or diabetes. A home health aide can properly manage medication and suggest a suitable diet and exercise plan for a senior with these serious conditions.

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