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Responding to the Increasing Need for Senior Care

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The growing number of senior citizens creates a huge need for services, especially in the area of care. Seniors are living longer, and elder care in Bethesda, MD, does much to add to the quality of life. This requires agencies to fill the need with qualified staff and essential services. These include:

Personal Care Services — Most senior citizens would choose to live at home rather than moving to a care facility. These individuals need a caregiver to help with household chores, cook meals, transport them to the doctor?s office, or assist with bathing and grooming.

Geriatric Care Management — Someone is needed to serve as a liaison for senior citizens in care facilities. This individual assesses care needs, counsels the family, provides intervention, and helps seniors move into their new home.

Facility Staffing — Residential care homes and assisted living facilities are in search of trained personnel to care for the seniors who call these places home. Working with a? trusted agency helps facilities meet their staffing needs.

Specialized Care Services — Elderly folks who suffer from Alzheimer?s disease, Parkinson?s, or other severe conditions require care from someone who has the training and knowledge to help.

With such specialized elder care in Bethesda, MD, many of these individuals still can live in the family home.

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