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Research shows Possible Connection between Calcium and Heart Disease

An evaluation of information from the Women?s Health Initiative along with thirteen other studies has compelled researchers to conclude calcium supplementation may increase the risk of heart disease.

Researchers from the University of Auckland evaluated data from the WHI of women who were instructed to take calcium supplements compared to those taking a placebo.? Women who began taking this ?supplements ?as part of the WHI were at a higher risk of developing heart disease and specifically of having heart attacks.? The researchers who led the study believe that the sudden spike in calcium in the blood may result in abnormalities in clotting that could lead to cardiovascular problems.

Many health care providers recommend calcium supplementation to their patients that are considered to be at risk for osteoporosis.? This study may compel doctors to more closely evaluate their patient?s overall wellness prior to suggesting calcium supplements to improve bone health.

Check with your health care provider prior to adding calcium supplements to your diet for healthier ?bone or making any other changes to your dietary routine.? Your health care provider will be able to evaluate every aspect of your body wellness ?to determine the best course of action when it comes to diet, supplementation and medication.

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