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Relief from Reflux with Surgery or Medication

Acid reflux is an incredibly uncomfortable condition that affects millions of Americans. But there are ?number of methods that can be used to effectively control the painful and irritating symptoms.? Depending upon the severity of your acid reflux disease your health care provider may recommend medication or a surgical procedure to treat the condition.? While making the choice between multiple options of treatment can be a difficult one. A recent study could make this particular decision a bit easier for those suffering from acid reflux disease.

According to the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, both medication and surgery seem to control the worst symptoms of acid reflux disease equally well.? More than 500 people with ?reflux disease were randomly assigned to either continue treating their condition with Nexium or to undergo the minimally invasive procedure designed to treat GERD.

After a five year follow up more than 90% of the group treated with medication and 85% of the group treated with surgery experienced no symptoms or only very mild symptoms.? While surgery may not be a viable option for every patient suffering from GERD this study could give some insight to those suffering about the results they could expect from different treatments.

In many cases GERD can also be controlled by healthy lifestyle changes.? If you are suffering from heartburn on a regular basis your health care provider may be able to make some suggestions for dietary changes that could dramatically improve your condition.

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