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Reducing Heart Disease One of Decades Top Health Achievements

The CDC has revealed what it believes to be the top ten public health achievements of the last decade.? Controlling infectious diseases, improvements in maternal and child health and controlling tobacco use are all in the top ten but one of the most impressive items on the list has to do with heart disease.

Heart disease and stroke have long been at the very top of the list of the leading causes of death for Americans but several achievements during the last decade are bringing those numbers down.? While heart disease is still one of the leading causes of death among Americans the death rates from stroke and heart disease have dropped dramatically over the course of the last ten years.? Experts suggest that improvements in medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol and a reduction in smoking rates likely played a big role in the decline.

Simple lifestyle changes can also play a big role in reducing heart related health risks.? Consult with your health care provider for advice on making adjustments to your diet that will help lower cholesterol and manage bodyweight.? Your health care provider will also be able to recommend age appropriate exercises for improving cardio vascular health, achieving a healthier bodyweight and reducing heart related risks.

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