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Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease by Cleaning Up Your Diet

It?s never too late to start feeling, looking and living healthier and a great place to start is by adopting a more heart healthy diet.? By making a few simple changes to your dietary routine you can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease and give yourself a much better chance of living a longer, healthier and happier life.

First and foremost on your list should be limiting (or even eliminating) empty calories ? things like potato chips, cookies and many other ?snack foods? are loaded with saturated fats and provide very little necessary nutritional value.? It won?t hurt you at all to clean your cupboards and fridge of these types of foods and to opt for fresh fruits and veggies as your in between meal indulgences.

Your second step should be to watch what you?re cooking and what you are cooking with.? Choose lean protein options like chicken breast or fish over fattier selections like red meat and chose a low fat method of preparation.? Use olive oil to cook in rather than butter or lard and stick to low fat sprays of spreads in favor of buttering bread or vegetables.

Last but not least, watch not only what you eat but how much of it you are eating.? You can certainly get too much of a good thing when it comes to food.? Use moderation and take care not to overindulge even though you are eating food that is better for you.? Eating too much food, even health food, can cause you to gain weight and packing on extra pounds certainly isn?t the best way to live healthier.

Any specific diet or nutrition questions can be directed to your primary physician or home health care provider and a doctor or RN could also give advice on starting an exercise program that will also get you on your way to being healthier.

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