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Recognize the Signs of Dementia

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You may not be aware, but dementia is not a disease itself.?It?s actually a collection of multiple symptoms that result from damage to the brain caused by different diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.?These symptoms vary according to the part of the brain that is damaged and, depending on their impact and progression, may cause patients to need specialized health care in Bethesda, MD.

Different types of dementia will affect people differently, and many people will experience symptoms in their own way and on different timelines. However, there are some common early symptoms that may appear before a diagnosis of dementia. These can include:

  • Memory Loss
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Getting Confused During Simple Daily Tasks
  • Mood Changes
  • Struggling to Follow Conversations or Find the Right Words
  • Being Confused About Time and Place


These symptoms are often mild but may get worse gradually and then require specialized health care. When they are still mild, they are called a ?mild cognitive impairment” (MCI) as they are not severe enough to be diagnosed as dementia.

You may not notice these symptoms?if you have them, and friends and family may not notice or take them seriously for some time. For some people, these symptoms will remain the same over time. But other people with MCI?will go on to develop dementia. This is why it’s crucial to talk to a doctor if you’re worried about memory problems or other symptoms.


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