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Read, play and dance your way to better Brain Health!

A recent study by Dr. Joe Verghese has proven that YES, leisure activities can have quite an effect on brain health and can help prevent, if not slow, the process of decreasing brain function as a cause of dementia.

Specialty Care Services knows that dancing, in particular, is one the few activities that involves both sides of the brain. Marketing Liaison for the company, Felicia Pendorf, is also a Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor in Howard County. She has been offering Ballroom Dancing lessons and demonstrations in the area for free on behalf of our business. As a provider of personal care and skilled care, we have seen first hand the difference that’s made when leisure activities are made part of our clients’ everday schedule. Not only is there an almost immediate change in general mood, as we all experience when we are having fun, but also, according to this recent study, our CNAs and GNAs are keeping our clients’ brains healthy by engaging them in some of these leisure activities below.

“Dr. Joe Verghese and others at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in collaboration with Syracuse University studied 469 subjects older than 75 years of age…

The authors of the study concluded that participation in leisure activities is associated with a reduced risk of dementia. They suggested that further studies be done to determine the power of the “protective” effect of leisure activities that involve thinking on the risk of dementia.

In an accompanying editorial, Dr. Joseph T. Coyle from Harvard Medical School noted that while more studies are needed to clarify the relative roles of genes vs. environmental factors, such as effortful mental activities, “seniors should be encouraged to read, play board games, and go ballroom dancing, because these activities, at the very least, enhance their quality of life, and they just might do more than that.” This editor cannot agree more. So, to the elderly, “dance on!””

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