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Put on Your Walking Shoes

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Tennessee revealed that Americans don?t take nearly the same amount of steps on average as people from other countries.? The average number of steps accumulated by Americans is barely more than half of what residents of Australia and Switzerland are tallying.

Researchers feel that the findings of this study reveal one of the major reasons that the obesity rate in the US is so high when compared to other affluent countries.? Walking has a great number of health benefits, among which are increasing cardio vascular fitness and aiding weight loss, and Americans simply aren?t participating as much as they should be.

Losing excess weight doesn?t have to be complex; a simple routine built around achieving a certain number of steps per day can be a very effective way to get in better shape.? Consult your doctor or health aid about the best ways to safely increase your daily quantity of steps as a way to begin your weight loss journey.

Combining a walking program with a healthier, lower calorie diet can help to maximize your weight loss efforts and have you achieving your goal weight in as short a time as possible.? Discuss plans for altering your diet with your health care provider in order to ensure that you?ll be consuming the right amount of calories and nutrients to stay healthy with your new, increased?activity level.

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