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Providing Care for Veterans is Stressful but Satisfying

The University of Missouri recently issued a report containing details from a study of caregivers who provide assistance to veterans. One third of those responsible for informal care of a veteran reported feeling stressed but many of those surveyed also reported a feeling of satisfaction. Due to the fact that veterans are more likely to have chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart conditions they tend to require more informal care than the population at large.

Those who felt more satisfied had formed strategies to help them cope with the added pressure of caregiving. Many people who are responsible for providing care for family members can develop problems because they do not take better care of themselves while caring for others.

The survey does indicate that those who felt the most satisfied and the least stressed also had some help from outside sources. A person offering in home assistance can rely on a home health aide to get them the respite needed to remain healthy.

Home health aides can readily handle duties like grocery shopping, meal preparation and medication management. Enlisting the help of a professional caregiver ensures the best possible care for those in need without creating additional health issues for the family members who offer assistance.

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