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Protect Yourself From the Flu and From a Heart Attack

Research from a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal puts a potential link between getting your flu shot and preventing your first heart attack.? The study followed nearly eighty thousand people and concluded that those who got a flu shot during the previous year were nearly twenty percent less likely to suffer their first heart attack than people who didn?t get a flu shot.

Though the exact connection between getting a flu shot and the prevention of a first heart attack is still a bit unclear, the findings in the study could certainly change the way people approach getting their flu shot.? Subjects in the study who received their flu shots early in the season seemed to be even more protected than those who got it later.

Due to the shortage of flu vaccines last year there were many people who either couldn?t get it or opted to forego it, but increased production and distribution should give everyone a chance to get their flu shot early enough this year to be protected.

There are a number of ways to focus on and improve heart health as you age and though the flu shot may have benefits of protecting from a first heart attack, you still need to focus on your heart health in more direct ways.? Consult your doctor or home nurse about possible changes in your diet that may help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol or increase your heart health.??You may also want to talk to your doctor or health aide about the possibility of beginning a fitness routine to help you achieve optimal health.

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