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Protect Your Knees

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Our knees get a lot of use. From running, walking, climbing, bending, lifting, and kicking, if we?re in motion, chances are our knees are too. But with age, heavy impact, and overuse, knees can start to wear and tear. But there?s no need to sit on the couch all day in an effort to minimize use. You can exercise and stay active while still taking care of your knees. Learn more with our suggestions for knee health below.

And for quality in-home care and rehabilitation services after knee surgery, or any other form of post-operative care, call Specialty Care Services. Our nurturing caregivers can help you maintain your independence and get the assistance you need.

Knee strengthening exercises

Building your quadriceps is a great way to help make the area around your knee stronger. To help strengthen this muscle group in your thigh, try performing leg extensions. All you need is a pair of ankle weights. To begin, sit at the edge of a chair, and slowly raise your lower legs until your legs stick straight out in front of you. Then, slowly lower your legs until your feet are back on the floor. Repeat this motion 10 times.

And after any workout, stretch your quads. When you?re standing, bend your left knee behind you and gently pull your foot upward with your left hand. Hold for 10 seconds before lowering your foot and repeating on the right side.

Lessen your likelihood for knee problems

Instead of participating in high-impact activities like running, try lower-impact sports like biking or swimming instead. And if you?re overweight, try to drop a few pounds. The extra weight puts extra stress on your knees and can cause arthritis.

And most importantly, pay close attention to how your body feels so you don?t overstress and injure your knees.

Take extra care to protect your knees. And for post-operative care after a knee operation, call Specialty Care Services today.

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