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Proper Diet May Reduce Dementia Risk

and other forms of dementia can represent a major challenge for those caring for their elderly loved ones. A number of the more than five million Alzheimer?s disease sufferers in the US require some level of specialized senior care in order to effectively perform many day to day activities.

Due to the fact that there is currently no cure for Alzheimer?s disease methods of early detection and prevention are a major focus of doctors and senior care service providers. A recent study presented at the Alzheimer?s Association Nation Conference shows that attention to diet may be a major contributing factor in preventing Alzheimer?s disease.

The study followed more than 2000 older Americans who displayed no signs or symptoms of dementia. The participants filled out a detailed nutritional questionnaire and were given neurological exams every 18 months over the course of a more than four year follow up.

Based upon the information gathered at the end of the study researchers concluded that diets high in DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids reduced the risk of dementia. When other risk factors were taken into consideration participants who followed diets high in those fatty acids had a 20% – 30% reduced risk of developing dementia. While this study is only preliminary and doesn?t necessarily prove cause and affect it does show that diet can have a powerful impact on cognitive function.

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