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Promising Weight Loss Drug Denied by FDA

The weight loss drug Qnexa was denied FDA approval last week.? The problem associated with Qnexa had nothing to do with its inability to help people lose weight, which it seemed to do very well.? The concern and ultimate denial came from Qnexa?s association with a number of very serious side effects.

Some of the most serious side effects suffered by patients taking Qnexa were heart palpitations, lapses in memory and thoughts of suicide.? The manufacturer of the weight loss drug is still confident in the product and plans on taking necessary steps with the FDA to get Qnexa approved for sale.

This certainly isn?t the first time a weight loss drug has been denied FDA approval for having potentially dangerous side effects.? In fact this is the second time over the course of the last week where a drug was prohibited from being sold because of potential health risks.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle may not seem as quick and easy as popping a pill for weight loss, but it is still the best and safest option for many who are looking to reach a healthy body weight.? Ask your health care provider about simple changes that you can make to your diet that will help you lose excess weight.? Your health care provider will also be able to make safe suggestions about increasing your daily activity level to help maximize your weight loss efforts.

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