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Chronic Ailments

Chronic or recurring diseases are permanent conditions?that can be controlled. Unfortunately, there are no known cures for these disorders despite the remarkable progress of medical research and treatment. Among the leading chronic diseases in the United States?are heart disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy,?Alzheimer’s, and breast cancer.

Leading Cause of Death

According to the Centers for Disease Control, these chronic conditions are the main cause of death and disability in the country.?They are?responsible for roughly 70 percent of all deaths in the US, which translates to 1.7 million cases annually. The World Health Organization revealed that they are?also the leading cause?of premature death globally. While these persistent illnesses are among the most expensive health issues, they are also not difficult to deal with.

Heart and lung diseases, as well as diabetes, can?make a profound impact on people?s health. There is also a possible inter-relationship among said conditions. Obesity can?increase the risk of heart problems and diabetes. The number of overweight?adults has?doubled during the last 20 years. It has?tripled in children ages?2 to?11 and more than tripled in the 12 to 19 age group. The regular cost of healthcare for persons afflicted with chronic ailments is five times more than?the cost?for?who are not suffering from any of these syndromes. If converted to figures, it is almost $8,000 for each American suffering from any of these ailments.

Human Cost

It is not possible to disregard the human cost of these disorders. The top three (heart conditions, cancers and diabetes) are the primary causes of death in the country.?They trigger?7 out of 10 cases of death.?Twenty-five percent of individuals with these problems suffer from activity restrictions such as taking a bath, dressing?themselves or going to school and work. Medical expenses are turning out to be burdensome. These people often receive less care than others. Out-of-pocket expenditures and co-pay insurance plan costs?continue to rise. Symptoms usually prolong suffering, and quality of life is reduced considerably. Patients need?considerable help from the federal and state governments.

If you have family members with chronic diseases, get in touch with Specialty Care Services. The licensed Home Nursing Professionals from Specialty Care Services not only benefit the patient needing professional medical care and therapy, but also relatives who can now be confident their loved one is under proper care. Employers also benefit from higher productivity when their employees are freed from personal distractions and worries.

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