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Prevent Heart Attacks: Get Married

One of the fringe benefits of tying the knot can be even better than a tax write-off. ??A new study finds that being married can actually reduce your risk of heart attack and help extend one?s life, especially for women.

Researchers collected data on more than 15,000 people who suffered heart attacks between 1993 and 2002. Overall, both married men and women fared the?best: Single men were 58% to 66% more likely to have a heart attack than married men, and 60% to 68% more likely to die as a result. For single women, the risk of heart attack was 60% to 65% higher than that of married women?and a 71% to 75% higher chance of resulting in death.

The researchers believe that strong social support, better health habits (and spousal nagging perhaps) and less depression from loneliness may be the reason. The American Heart Association stated the importance of strong social and family support as important to heart health: it states: ?We’ve become good about controlling blood pressure, getting cholesterol levels checked, but more has to be done about a patient?s psychosocial health”.

People suffering from social isolation have shown an imbalance in the nervous system that can cause higher heart rates. Past studies have shown that being single or living alone increases the risk of heart disease for men, but this new study is the first to find that women are also vulnerable.
Married partners are also more likely to call an ambulance sooner in an emergency and seem to get better treatment from doctors. Finally, they might also be more?compliant when given?instructions from their physicians to take prescribed medication.?

A Specialty Care Services Home Care Nurse?professionals can be a supportive asset in assisting their patients in??maintaining a?healthy lifestyle.

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