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President Obama?s Administration Calls on Health Insurer to Rescind Rate Increases

The Department of Health and Human Services has cited Trustmark Life Insurance for taking too large an increase in Health insurance premiums for five different states. The Health Care Act has a segment that says any unreasonable increases must be justified. Most other cases so far have been about rate increases of 10% or more, this particular one is an average of 13%.

The cost of medical care has been increasing slightly over the last two to three years.? Many companies have been instituting rate increases as a way to combat what the law could do to their future profits.? Unemployed people without coverage are foregoing treatments they can?t afford and this is affecting the cost of care.

Senior citizens over sixty-five have insurance plans that they use to augment Medicare and any rate reduction would be appreciated. There are other issues though, like affordable assisted living facilities, which the health care reform measures don?t seem to be very focused on.

The senior who needs in home assistance can be helped greatly by visits from a home health aide. These professionals can perform work on an hourly basis or even live in the home and many of the services they provide are very affordable. Specialty Care Services has offered this help to seniors in the Silver Springs area for years and our staff can answer any questions about the many options available to a senior in need of care.

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