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Prediabetes Usually Affects Americans Forty-five and Older

The condition known as prediabetes is an indicator that you may develop type 2 or adult onset diabetes. A diagnosis of prediabetes can be alarming it doesn?t necessarily ensure that you will ultimately suffer from type 2 diabetes though. You can reduce your chances of adult onset diabetes by nearly 60% or slow the onset of diabetes with moderate changes in your weight and lifestyle.

The trouble for seniors and prediabetes is that there are no easily identifiable symptoms. A tingling in the feet or the urge to urinate more frequently may indicate this problem but there are many seniors that take these signs as nothing more than normal aging. A doctor can perform a simple test to those who are at risk that will help identify the presence of prediabetes.? Anyone over the age of 45 who is overweight should strongly consider having the test perform to determine if some form of treatment is required.

The prediabetic can help stave off the more damaging diabetes with a 10 to 15 % loss of body weight and an increase in exercise. This can also reduce risks for other conditions like osteoporosis, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure.An experienced senior care provider can design an appropriate fitness program to help safely remove excess bodyweight.

A home health aide that prepares meals can also help ensure that an appropriate diet is followed.? The combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise can dramatically reduce the chances of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis and ultimately improve overall health.

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